CS:GO Crash is one of the most popular Skin Games


The CS:GO crash game is a great and really fun concept. As with the other skin games you exchange your skins for credits. You can then use these credits to play a game of CRASH.

Crash is a simple game where you follow a graph which evolves over time together with your pay out. This payout is a multiplier of your original bet. This multiplier has two different actions as time progresses. It can increase or CRASH (go to zero, making you lose your bet). This is different for a similar game called Binary, which is more like a graph that can both go up and down and also totally crash.

The following sites have the Crash game

Back to the Crash game. As a player, you can then cash out at any time at the current pay out level. You can also wait, with hopes on a better pay-out level. However, the graph can also CRASH, making you lose your bet ☹

Depending on your preference and nerves, the game also offers an automatic cashout level, which you can set before the game starts. Say you are looking to triple your bet, then you can set the automatic cash out at 3x.

The biggest reason that Crash have become so big is that it is a social multiplayer game since the game offers a chat where the players can chant together, win together and lose together. In addition to this there is a high score and a scoreboard where you can see which users have won and lost, and at what levels they cashed out etc.

Although the game is so simple in its nature, the excitement that emerges when you are starting to reach high multipliers are amazing. It’s a true kick when you see the large numbers of 69x and can’t decide if you want to continue taking the chance or just cash out.