CS:GO Jackpots – Will you claim it all?

The jackpot game became popular with the classic skin gambling site CS GO Jackpot. Unfortunately, that site is no longer active. However, there are new replacements.

The jackpot game gives you a chance to bet small but win big. It generally works in the way that players deposit skins into a pool of skins. Depending on the value of the skin or skins they deposited into the pool they get a fair chance of winning the jackpot.

The jackpot game then starts when the pool of players and skins is large enough to start the game. The visual effects differ a bit between providers but is usually animated with a spinning wheel that shows what user won the jackpot. As usual, the excitement in the game depends a lot of the animation and game development.

Pot sniping

The opposite strategy to bet small and win big is pot sniping which is a strategy that means that you put in a large bet just before the jackpot is about to start. Say, by putting in a bet of 50% of the value in the jackpot before game start gives you about a 50% chance to win the pot.

Remember that placing those big bets gives you a good chance to win the pot but at the same time you can lose big those times when you don’t hit your positive outcome.

If you are looking for the thrill, we recommend the following jackpot sites: