Make a bluff for your in-game Skins

Poker, another classic gambling game was invented some time during the 19th century. The game had its big boom a couple of years ago and became so popular that you could almost call it a family game.

This game classic is available for skin-betting as well! The normal procedure is that you exchange your skins for credits, which you then can use to play cash game, a single table tournament (Sit and GO) or a multi table tournament (MTT). There are not that many options of CSGO sites where you can play poker, but the ones that have the feature is listed below:

No site have poker at the moment 🙁

One of the reasons it became so popular was the televised TV-shows featuring poker tournaments or cash games where the WPT franchise (World Poker Tour) and WSOP (World Series of Poker) where the most famous ones in US. In Europe there where similar franchises like the European Poker Tour, also known as EPT. Everyone was playing poker for a while. Home games where everywhere between colleagues, friends, family the soccer team etc.

Just as there is different forms of CS:GO gambling there are different variants of Poker. There are a lot of poker games, but they can all be included in the following categories:

Community card poker

This category includes poker types where the players uses some community cards to build their hand. The most famous variant of Community card poker is Texas Hold’em which I’m sure you already know by head. But you might not know Omaha and the other fairly uncommon poker games.

Draw poker

This category includes poker games where people exchange cards in rounds called “draws”. The hands are hidden, and you can’t see the other players cards which means you can only evaluate how they bet their hand. This form of poker is usually seen in movies in a shady bar in a wild west movie. This form of poker are rarely playable in the CS:GO poker sites.

Stud poker

Stud poker is a game where each player has their own cards. Some are hidden, and others are open for the other players to see. This means you can both evaluate which cards you see that your opponent has, the cards that you show your opponent as well as your own and your opponent’s betting.