The classic Minesweeper is available for Skin gambling

The CS:GO Minesweeper are a rather fun phenomena. Someone came up with the brilliant idea to port the old PC game Minesweeper (that shipped with windows 95). If you are in your 20s there is a chance you don’t know the game yet. On the other side, if you are like me and grew up playing computer games like Doom, Quake 1 and the first Team fortress mods there is a good chance you played this game offline when the internet bills reached the roofs!

The main part of the game is the game board which contains a table of boxes. Each box can contain a mine or not, and you don’t know this until you clicked on it (opened it). If you click a box and it doesn’t contain a mine, you can continue going. You will also get a number that indicates how many mines that are adjacent to the box you clicked.

This means that there is some skill in the game which is very fun! But remember, it is a casino type game so the CS:GO betting site will always have an edge.

As the game progresses and you clear boxes, your bet value increases. Depending on the version of the game (they differ a bit between the game providers) you have the option to try to finish and complete the game, thus giving you the maximum pay out or cash out at a given time. This always leave you with a tricky but exciting decision where you can take your winnings or get greedy! Just remember, if you are thinking about getting greedy you also have to be ready that your credits go up in a big, big, BOOM! 😊

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